Lost Goat Ranch’s Colored Angora Goats

Our colored Angora goat herd is small but mighty, with some absolutely amazing bloodlines. We’re super proud of what we do have, and are focusing on quality rather than quantity right now.

WCF Java Chunk aka “Chunky”

Java Chunk WC is from our friends at Wolf Creek Farm Colored Angoras in Waxahachie. When Lisa first posted him for sale on Facebook I was immediately smitten. He’s gorgeous. I loved his name. And his bloodlines are amazing. I just knew we had to have this buck as our herd sire. Unfortunately, at that time we weren’t quite ready for goats just yet. Fortunately, he was still available when we were ready to add him to our herd.

Chunky’s sire is Adonis MVN (IKR?!) and his dam is RANA’s Java Chip. He also has Razul IJ and Param KAIR bloodlines. It’s hard not to feel like we have a great foundation to start from with bloodlines like that.

Chunky also won Grand Champion at the State Fair of Texas in 2018 as a kid.

So far in two breeding seasons Chunky has helped produce some absolutely GORGEOUS kids. The combo of Chunky and Kate Spade (two red angoras) produced two bucks our first year of breeding. The combo of Chunky and New Moon (a black angora) produced a GORGEOUS mahogany buckling (I’m still in shock that we got a freaking mahogany kid over here) and a beautiful red doeling. And the combo of Chunky and Princess Mia (an apricot cream solid doe) produced an amazing silver taupe doeling for Mia’s first breeding. Basically, this guy’s a stud.

photo of java chunk
photo of Kate spade Angora goat

RANA’s Kate Spade aka “Mama Kate”

Our first four Angora goats came in the form of what I like to call Mama Kate and the Babies, aka a breeding doe named RANA’s Kate Spade, her twin whethers, and a doeling. None of the kids were named when we got them, which meant we got to name them! Being bookworms, we settled upon popular fiction names (Harvath and Rapp for the whethers, Princess Mia for the doeling).

What can I say? We’re dorks.

Kate was a fantastic breeding doe for us to start out with. Out of RANA’s Star Buck 2JP and Vuitton WHF, Kate’s grand sire is IJ’s Razul, who’s apparently pretty well-known in the colored Angora goat world. Star Buck was grand champion at the State Fair of Texas as a kid and an adult. And not only does she have amazing bloodlines, she’s an even more amazing mother. She’s still close to Harvath and Rapp, even though they’re fully grown, and delivered another set of twin bucks her very first kidding season with us (which we named Jobu and Wild Thing).

In December of 2020 we unfortunately had to have Kate’s right eye removed after it got infected (we and the vet still aren’t 100% what happened), but she adapted as if she’d been a one-eyed pirate goat her entire life. We didn’t breed her in the fall of 2020 due to the eye infection and needing to get her weight back up, so the 2021 kidding season she got to the play the role of aunt—and she rocked it.

Needless to say, I adore this sweet, sassy, one-eyed goat.


RANA’s New Moon aka “Moon”

RANA’s New Moon actually came to us by way of our friends at Wolf Creek Farms in the spring of 2020, who knew I’d been wanting a black Angora to add to our herd. They had New Moon up for sale, we wanted her, so it was a match made in Heaven.

That being said, New Moon and Kate Spade are actually the same age and are half sisters, with Moon’s sire being RANA’s Star Buck 2JP and her dam being Liberty Bell WHF. So same sire, different dams. And both have that Razul connection.

Even though Moon and Kate are half sisters, their personalities couldn’t be more different. While Kate is sassy but sweet, Moon is wary and, well, not sweet. Unless you have cookies. Then she turns into a trick-doing, hand-nuzzling, attention-seeking Cookie Monster. Otherwise, she’s a very hands-off goat.

But oh, is her mohair beautiful and does she produce beautiful babies. Our first breeding season with her, she kidded with twins in the spring of 2021, delivering a gorgeous red doe and a mahogany buck. Yes, mahogany. Which I didn’t even realize was a thing until I did some further research, because I knew he wasn’t black or chocolate, and then I stumbled upon mahogany and it all clicked together. So, yeah. She’s my PITA goat (we all have to have one, right?), but she also has her moments when she makes me laugh. And oh, man, does she make beautiful babies.


photo of new moon
photo of princess Mia

LGR Princess MIA AKA “Mama Mia”

LGR Princess Mia, aka Mama Mia, was one of our original goats in the summer of 2019. She came to us as a gorgeous kid, and has grown up to be an equally gorgeous adult. Registered as Apricot Cream Solid, Mia’s mohair tends to be on the blonde side, and is super soft and fine and still kid-grade as of 2021 at two years old.

Princess Mia is out of RANA’s Hope, who’s out of Mocha Latte, who won the State Fair of Texas two times and reserve grand champion in 2017. She’s also one of my sweetest goats, and probably my favorite—just don’t tell the others. 

Mia’s first kidding was spring of 2021, and she delivered a beautiful silver taupe doe. She’s so sweet and laid back (almost meek at times compared to Kate and Moon’s much stronger personalities) that I was worried she wouldn’t be a good mom, but ends up she’s an amazing mom. We had to help her kid latch on at first, but that was it. Mia took to motherhood like a champ, right down to weaning before we could even deliver her doe kid to her new owners.


Harvath and Rapp

Harvath and Rapp, Kate Spade’s 2019 kids, were our other two foundational goats. Whethered as kids, these guys’ sole purpose is to produce gorgeous mohair and to be companions for the other goats.

Harvath is the sillier of the two, super curious and always finding ways to make me laugh. From getting a bucket stuck on his head to standing on an ice-covered trough, this dude always makes me smile. Oh, and I absolutely adore his freckles. His mohair is more on the super light red side, and is simply to-die-for.

Rapp is the more reserved twin, the one who’s more likely to hang back and watch what’s going on before getting involved. While his brother is definitely the extroverted class clown, Rapp is the sensitive introvert. That being said, he lives for his daily pets, and his facial expressions are priceless. His mohair is silver taupe, and is the first stuff I learned how to card and spin (it does both beautifully).

Our herd definitely would not be the same without these two, and I have to say that while I love the babies, whethers rock.


photo of harvath and rapp

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