Our Angora Goats

Mama Kate and the Babies

Our first four Angora goats came in the form of what I like to call Mama Kate and the Babies, aka a breeding doe named Kate Spade RANA, her twin whethers, and a doeling. None of the kids were named when we got them, which meant we got to name them! Being bookworms, we settled upon popular fiction names. From left to right: Harvath, Rapp, and Princess Mia.

What can I say? We’re dorks.

All four goats are red colored Angoras, with Princess Mia being the lightest. Her mohair is more of a blonde color (she’s also my favorite, but don’t tell the other goats).

Kate is a fantastic breeding doe for us to start out with. Out of RANA’s Star Buck 2JP and Vuitton WHF, Kate’s grand sire is IJ’s Razul, who’s apparently pretty well-known in the colored Angora goat world. Star Buck was grand champion at the State Fair of Texas as a kid and an adult.

Princess Mia is out of RANA’s Hope, who’s out of Mocha Latte, who won the State Fair of Texas two times and reserve grand champion in 2017. She’s also super sweet and has amazing mohair. I mean, amazing mohair.

Java Chunk

AKA “Chunky,” Java Chunk WC is from our friends at Wolf Creek Farm Colored Angoras in Waxahachie. When Lisa first posted him for sale on Facebook I was immediately smitten. He’s gorgeous. I loved his name. And his bloodlines are amazing. I just knew we had to have this buck as our herd sire. Unfortunately, at that time we weren’t quite ready for goats just yet. Fortunately, he was still available when we were ready to add him to our herd.

Chunky’s sire is Adonis MVN (IKR?!) and his dam is RANA’s Java Chip. He also has Razul IJ and Param KAIR bloodlines. It’s hard not to feel like we have a great foundation to start from with bloodlines like that.

Chunky also won Grand Champion at the State Fair of Texas in 2018 as a kid.

He’s a red buck.