Lost Goat Ranch’s Colored Angora Goats

Like we’ve mentioned in a few other places on our website, we’re a small operation. We started off small with one adult doe, her twin wethers that had been born just a few months prior, and a kid doe that was the same age as the wethers. A couple of months later we added our herd sire, bringing our total up to two adults and three kids. It wasn’t until the next spring that we added to our little herd by way of another nanny and the twin bucks that were born out of our first adult doe and herd sire.

We honestly don’t have any plans to grow into a large operation. We like being small and knowing our goats.

That being said, the goats we do have all come from excellent genetics, and any goats we add in the future will be added with the goal of furthering colored Angora goats. That means breeding for temperament (we want any bucks bred on our farm to be gentle and able to be handled–same goes for does), mohair quality and coverage, parasite resistance, conformation, and color/patterns.

Ultimately, we want to breed the best colored Angora goats we can, and share their mohair–and them–with you.

Java Chunk WC

Java Chunk WC, aka “Chunky,” is our amazing herd sire courtesy of our friends at Wolf Creek Farms in Waxahachie, Texas. The offspring of Adonis MVN (sire) and Rana’s Java Chip (dam), Chunky has some amazing genetics.

As a kid Chunky was the State Fair of Texas Youth Breeding Grand Champion in 2018. His fleece is also amazing: uniform with nice, tight curls, dense, and still very fine.

Temperament-wise he’s everything you could want in a buck: he has that “swagger” you want your herd sire to have, but he’s also incredibly sweet, easy to handle, walks well on a halter, and will do just about anything for a cookie. His first year with us he and Kate Spade produced two gorgeous red buck kids, both of which are headed to the show ring.

Kate Spade RANA

Kate Spade–aka Kate, aka “mama”–was the first doe we acquired. Bred by Rana Show Goats in Aubrey, Texas, Kate is the offspring of Rana’s Star Buck 2JP (sire) and Vuitton WHF (dam).

Kate is registered as a medium copper red solid goat, but at five years old her mohair is now a really pretty light golden red color.  Her mohair has a looser curl structure, but is still uniform and super soft. Temperament-wise she’s a sweet, but sassy, goat. She likes to have her own way, but she will definitely let you catch her if you have cookies. Most importantly, she’s an amazing mother who not only produces beautiful babies, but takes great care of them, too.

photo of Kate spade
photo of new moon

New Moon RANA

New Moon RANA–aka Moon–is the newest addition to Lost Goat Ranch, but she’s being listed right after Kate because, well, she and Kate are actually half sisters. Bred by Rana Show Goats in Aubrey, Texas, Moon is the offspring of Rana’s Star Buck 2JP (sire) and Liberty Bell WHF (dam). Although she’s actually eight days younger than her half-sister, Kate, in the time she’s been here Moon has definitely established herself as Herd Queen.

Moon is a very observant goat, a bit obstinant (come on, she’s a goat), but has her moments of being a total sweetheart. She’s also an amazing aunt/nanny; she definitely helped Kate take care of Kate’s twins, kept an eye on them, taught them manners, etc.

Moon is our first black goat (hopefully not our last), and like her half-sister has a looser but uniform curl structure. Her mohair coverage, like Kate’s is also great, as is her conformation.

Princess Mia LGR

Princess Mia, aka Mia, is one of the first goats we acquired. Born in early 2019, so far Princess Mia has provided us with amazing mohair, lots of laughs, and plenty of cuddles. She’ll be bred to Chunky in the fall of 2020 and will have her first kidding in the spring of 2021.

Mia’s color is listed as apricot cream solid, but her mohair color can best be described as blonde. Her mohair coverage is amazing, with uniform, tight curls with incredible luster.

With her amazing mohair and sweet personality, she’s also Aubrey and Finky’s favorite goat–but don’t tell the others.

photo of princess Mia

Harvath and Rapp

Harvath and Rapp, Kate’s twin bucks from 2019, are our two wethers. While their primary jobs are to produce gorgeous mohair (which they do!) as wethers (castrated males) they both have secondary jobs. Rapp’s is to be a companion to Chunky, since goats don’t like to be alone and actually do better when they have a friend. Harvath is in with the does, primarily because he and Mia are BFFs and any time they’re separated one or both of them ends up upset (fun fact: goats do actually have best friends).

Both of these handsome boys have uniform, tight curls and very dense fleeces. Harvath’s mohair is a light, golden red, whereas Rapp’s has been changing color as he’s gotten older and currently could best be described as a beautiful, super interesting silver taupe.